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Mother Daughter extreme makeover with Stuart Holmes Salon.

A week or so ago, my daughter and had a Mother Daughter extreme makeover on our hair at the amazingly swanky Stuart Holmes Salon. She had super duper long hair and it was  a real nightmare to keep it tangle free as it is also incredibly thick. Mornings before school were always a trauma with tears from us both sometimes as I tried to wrestle one of the fifteen brushes we have bought over the years through her long locks to try and tame them. In fact, my very first blog post was about hair trauma!

Before our Mother Daughter extreme makeover where we had 9 inches of hair off each!

So we decided she needed a good cut, the trouble is, she didn’t want to go alone! I had heard of the fantastic Little Princess Trust that takes real hair and turns it into wigs and distributes them free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24 who have lost their own hair due to cancer or other illness. She chose to give her lovely hair to another child who was sad about losing their own hair and to make her feel better about it, I offered to do it with her.

It has taken me forever to grown out my hair, years and years and it was finally long, but I didn’t feel I really did much with it, and fancied a change. It was still scary though, I’m still scarred from an ill-fated decision aged around 9 where I cut my waist length hair off into a highly unflattering chin length bob, so I knew I needed to go somewhere I could trust. Having been to Stuart Holmes twice before, once for review and once as an invited guest, I knew it was somewhere that we’d both leave from with a great flattering cut and that has the touch of luxury that would leave my little girl feeling special and pampered.

I wasn’t wrong! After initially banding off our hair into little ponytails with a band mid way down as well, as requested by the Little Princess Trust, they snipped off the ponytails and took us upstairs for a wash in the super relaxing basins with foot stalls. ‘Mummy they even massaged my head!’ was the awed response I got after. I have to admit that that is my favourite bit of the whole process I think!

Then we were cut and styled in seats next to each other, and despite my daughter initially looking as though she was on the verge of tears when it was first taken off, as her lovely style emerged, she started to look so much happier and by the end, when her gorgeous curls were finished, she was absolutely beaming with joy.

Since we posted our new look on social media, we have been utterly overwhelmed with comments from people loving our new ‘dos. I’ve been told by so many people that I look younger, the cuts have been really complimented everywhere we go and mornings are a breeze now we can both wash and go. Mine is a style that I can literally leave to dry naturally or rough dry and it looks good, or I can smarten it up a bit with some curls if I’m feeling a bit more fancy, perfect for my life as a busy Mum who prefers sleep to straighteners! 🙂

Have you ever had a Mother Daughter extreme makeover?

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WE CUT OFF OUR HAIR! 😱 Around 18 inches between us. Swipe to see the incredible result! 👉🏻 After having long hair so many years, it’s quite a weird feeling, I love it though! All that lovely hair is being bagged up and sent off to @littleprincesstrustcharity to hopefully be made into a wig for a child that has lost their own hair and would like to have one. You can see in the second photo how they prepare the hair and how much she had off! 😲 Massive thanks to @stuartholmessalon for looking after us again, and giving us complimentary wash, cuts and blow drys. It was a big deal for us both to go so short but my trust was in no way misplaced I think they did a fantastic job with our extreme makeover and we are both thrilled with our new look, although my little girl is a little concerned people won’t like her with short hair. 😢 I think she looks adorable and the big bonus is that she can now brush it herself as it was too long and thick before. One less morning battle! What do you think? #pinklinker

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