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We have an elderly cat called Pablo who sleeps most of the day now, and a bouncy, enormous rescue puppy from Romania called Barnaby!

Why having a puppy is like having a toddler.

Having a puppy can be just like having a toddler. We recently added a five month old street dog from Romania into our family. Right at the beginning of the…

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How we ended up with a street dog from Romania. Amicii Dog Rescue

After our elderly lab Monty died in January, being heartbroken was an understatement. We had had him since a puppy, and he really was my best friend. It was so…

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We made a unicorn! Designing a dream horse with Petplan.

My dream horse. We were all very excited to be part of a project to design a dream pet, a fun collaboration with Petplan, but my daughter really didn’t want…

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Doggy Dentistry with Pedigree – Fighting Dog Breath!

Doggy Dentistry with Pedigree. If there’s is one bad point about having a dog, (apart from picking up after them of course!), it’s dog breath! Dogs by nature like to…

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My dream pet, designing a dragon with Petplan.

My dream pet. We were incredibly excited to be asked to take part in a project to design a dream pet, a fun collaboration with Petplan. The request came at…

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