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First Aid Kit essentials for campervan and camping trips.

We have our campervan Wilma and absolutely love going away in her, to festivals across the UK and longer trips abroad as well. We always take so much stuff for a long holiday but the one thing that’s really important on any trip is a first aid kit, especially with very active, often accident prone children like mine. Camp sites are often large and you can be quite isolated in the event of an emergency, or just a grazed knee. I asked my fellow bloggers what their first aid kit essentials are, and they are a very well prepared bunch. Below you will find everything and anything you might need from a first aid kit on a camping or campervan trip.

  • Plasters (Various sizes/designs) *
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Paracetamol (Adult and Child) *
  • Ibuprofen (Adult and Child)
  • Savlon/ Germolene/ Sudocreme **
  • Antihistamine tablets *
  • Piraton syrup 
  • Anthisan bite cream *
  • Anti diarrhoea medicine 
  • Rehydration sachets 
  • Tweezers *
  • Nail scissors 
  • Saline/ Eye wash *
  • Safety pins *
  • Citronella oil (Add to cream to make a natural insect repellant) *
  • Ice packs (Instant Freeze type) *
  • Old bank card for bee stings (what a great idea!) *
  • Thermometer *
  • Medicine syringe 
  • Small sewing kit *
  • Steri-strips 
  • Various size gauzes and bandages
  • Antacids for indigestion 
  • Sticky tape
  • Phone number for the local doctor
  • Number to call for an ambulance (if abroad)
  • Phrase book with medical issues in (also for abroad)
  • Address and postcode of your campsite *
  • Emergency money *
  • Spare inhalers/prescription meds *
  • Tiger Balm (for bites and as a decongestant)
  • Cold and Flu tablets *
  • Packs of tissues

I think with this kit we will be covered for every eventuality, although Katy also suggests an alcohol mini to recover from the trauma of someone being injured! I may need to make it a first aid suitcase. 😀 

Thanks everyone!

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