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Oh the places we’ll go! Travel plans with kids.

Oh the places we’ll go, oh the things that we’ll see, if we travel together!

Travel adventures to Woolacombe bay, a view of my children playing on the beach.

Travels closer to home at Woolacombe Bay.

I feel like travel is in my blood, I want to see every inch of the world in my lifetime but I know this is unrealistic so I’ll settle for seeing a bit of every continent maybe!

I’ve been unbelievably lucky so far in my travel opportunities. (See more photos here!) My Dad is Dutch and my mum is only half English, the rest being made up of a mix of Austrian, Czech and goodness knows what else! (I’d really love to trace my family tree one day, and learn the full extent of my genetic mix.) Because they aren’t just English, visiting family involved trips to Europe, usually by ferry and car so we’d see lots of the countries along the way. We also went to America when I was in primary school and hired a campervan, taking an epic 6 week trip around America and through the Rockys into Canada, seeing dinosaur fossils, amazing sandstone sculptures, rolling desert sands, mountains, elk through our camper window and even brown bears. It was absolutely amazing and something I want desperately to recreate with our two.

A photo of one of our trips to Italy, a gorgeous yellow house with a red roof stands in front of a mountain range and some blue blue sky. Travel adventures.

Beautiful Italy.

I also went travelling for a month with my best friend around St Lucia, staying in a shack in a small village and eating the most amazing food. Before I was married, my Mum and I went on a trekking holiday to Nepal and I was blown away by the peace of the mountains, there is truly something special about the place and it has stayed in my soul.

A photo of me sitting on a wall with a back drop of the Himalayas in Nepal, snowy peaks shrouded in white cloud against a bright blue sky.

A very old photo of me in Nepal.

Later on in life, my husband and I travelled for 3 months around South East Asia, moving through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Cambodia and Vietnam. We scuba dived in the most incredible waters, saw wild elephants in the jungle on Borneo and stayed in an elephant sanctuary in Northern Thailand where we helped to care for the elephants.

Thailand travel. A very close up photo of me with my back to the camera smiling as I feed an elephant bread, the elephants trunk is curled round my hand.

Feeding the elephants in Thailand.

Our holidays post children have been much tamer affairs, but no less fun. My parents live part time in Northern Italy and so we visit them a lot, the children are so welcomed there and the scenery and things on offer to do is brilliant. We also have our beloved campervan Wilma, (which Dave converted almost singlehandedly), and she has been fantastic for our weekends at the many festivals we go to and holidays to France staying on campsites and aires*. 


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Now that my children are older and longer flights seem less scary, we are looking at going a bit further afield with them, Greece is on our possible list for a summer holiday this year, having had a lovely two week package on Rhodes many many moons ago. We want to do something a little different this year, as much as I love camping and the van, and we’ve had some epic trips in her, (like the one to Venice!) I would like a little bit of luxury and a bit less work, have meals prepared for us and not having to cycle to the toilet block sounds very tempting at the moment! 

On one of our campervan travel trips, Dave and the kids sitting in the kitchen area of the van, all looking and smiling as he gets the kettle out ready to put on the hob and make a cup of tea.

One of closer to home trips, a cup of tea break at a National Trust property.

Not that we are retiring our beloved Wilma though, I also want to keep exploring the UK, I don’t feel I’ve seen nearly enough of Scotland or Ireland (I used to live in Wales) and feel that our lovely island has an awful lot to offer in terms of things to see and do.

Where is on your travel wishlist? And would you take your kids?

*Aires are scattered all across France and most of Europe and are places where you can legally stay overnight in a campervan or motorhome. Sometimes there is a small fee and the facilities available vary greatly but they can make a brilliant stop over on the way to places or a cheap holiday. 



  1. January 8, 2019 / 1:36 pm

    I want to travel more this year too, now the kids are older it has made me want to explore with them more. It must be amazing have a campervan to travel in and spend so much time in Italy with your family. We have Greece on our list for this year too, I really fancy Kos for our honeymoon later this year as some of the hotels look beautiful x

  2. January 9, 2019 / 11:39 am

    Ahh camper van travel is fab isn’t it? I totally get what you mean about wanting a bit of luxury though, it’s always nice to be treated to somewhere warm where someone cooks for you! We intend to spend a good amount of time in Scotland this year and maybe a week abroad if my brother will have the dog!

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