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A lovely cuppa with Adagio Teas. Giveaway.

Reviewing Adagio Teas.

Now, if you have followed me for any amount of time, you’ll probably know that I love tea! Like, really really love tea. I would choose tea over any other drink and am often found annoying the bar staff asking for tea late at night on the very very rare occasion that I go out.

A photo of me sitting on a slate table outside on a patio in Wales with an amazing backdrop of estuary and mountains drinking a mug of Adagio Tea.


When I had an email from Adagio Teas asking if I wanted to sample some of their loose leaf teas, I was intrigued. I am a bit of a builders’ tea sort of woman and generally have bog standard tea in bags so the idea of stepping out of that tea comfort zone was a bit of a scary one. Looking at the Adagio Teas website I was a little bit overwhelmed, there are so many teas on there, and all the photos and descriptions are just amazing! It’s like a Aladdin’s cave of every flavour combination you can think of. Although I do tend to stick to builder’s tea at home I have acquired a taste for different teas when travelling, particularly jasmine tea when we were in South East Asia.

A selection of Adagio Teas boxes on a store wall in front of a camellia bush.

On the website there are fruit teas, black teas, white teas, flower teas, green teas, matcha, chai, earl grey, decaf, rooibos the list really is endless! There are even teas that are chocolate and caramel flavoured and inspired by puddings like lemon meringue. It’s mind blowing. Opening the packet of the chocolate tea was such an unreal experience, it actually smelt so good that I had to restrain myself from trying to eat it! They are also really pretty to look at with big chunks of fruit peel, petals and spices. The photos on the website are really beautiful and worth a look for their product photography alone!

A close up photo of my daughter in a beautiful bright blue top with appliqué pears on drinking from an orange mug of Adagio Tea.

They also sell teaware like tea pots, glass mugs, cast iron, yixing clay and ceramic. We got some lovely mugs with infusers that sit inside and lids to keep them warm. The mugs are a great size and very comfortable in your hand, I am a bit of a mug snob and I’m incredibly fussy about my mugs and I really like these. Best of all, they are offering you the chance to win a huge selection of teas, two lovely mugs with diffusers and a teapot set with cups in a colour that goes with your kitchen so you can try all the gorgeous teas for yourself.

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*We were sent the teas and some accessories to review, I was not paid for this article and all thoughts and opinions on the greatness of tea are my own!*


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