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Bramwell Brown Barometer Clocks – Ad – gifted item

Bramwell Brown Barometer Mechanimated Weather Clocks are my new favourite thing in the world! I first saw them at a blogging event way back in July and I utterly fell in love. (I received this clock free of charge for the purpose of the review, I have not been paid or told what to write and the opinions are all my own.)

Not just beautiful and useful, they are also barometers and the little hand painted illustrations in the viewing window mean it’s easy for even very young children to see what the weather is doing. The clocks come in a variety of sizes and finishes and there are also some limited edition designs. You can even have the clock face personalised with a special date and names.

My two children looking at their Bramwell Brown clock waiting to see what the weather will be.

I was really impressed with how Bramwell Brown boxed our clock, it was really well packed and had a special bolt in to ensure the delicate mechanics doesn’t get damaged in transit, there was also a template to ensure that you can hang it easily. There is no ticking noise which we really like, but it does make a whirring noise when the weather changes which is very fun as the children run to see what’s happening next with the weather.

A close up of the weather window in the Bramwell Brown clock we have been reviewing.

We chose a copper finish to our clock and it’s the standard size, the clocks also come in black, grey, blue and a special edition concrete and there is a larger size. The only thing that might be a downside is the amount of batteries it takes, it takes 8 D-Cell batteries and one smaller one but these come provided and I don’t know how long they last for but we’ve had our clock for over a week now and they haven’t run out yet, I’ll keep you posted!! I think these would make a great present for a loved one or for a special gift like an anniversary or wedding present, especially as you can personalise it. You can also buy gift vouchers.



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