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How to drink more water. Tips and Tricks

How to drink more water should be obvious shouldn’t it? You just drink more water. Right? Well, not if you’re me! I’m absolutely terrible at remembering to drink enough water and definitely don’t hit my daily allowance. Unless we’re talking tea. Which isn’t very good for hydration apparently.

How to drink more water. I really struggle with this and asked for tips! Stock image of a blonde haired lady drinking a glass of water.

So I asked some fellow bloggers and they had some brilliant ideas for how to drink more water, some things sound obvious but really do help you to change your mindset and a few of the others were ones that would never occur to me. There are even some options for those who prefer to technology for their reminders.

Lianne from Ankle Biter’s Adventures says: I set reminders on my phone every hour or so to make sure that I stop what I’m doing and grab a glass of water – it helps to keep me on track.

Jaymie from The Mum Diaries has a different approach: I have started drinking lots of squash! Finally found a brand that i enjoy! Because i like the taste and enjoy drinking it, I find I am just drinking more.*

Kristie from Mama Prada is a girl after my own heart: Buying yourself a pretty reusable bottle and keeping it next to you, looking at you all day!

Laura from Life With After Baby Kicks has similar advice: The reusable bottle! I drink so much more with mine. And it’s a big one (600ml). Also having the water being ice cold works for me

Emma from Emma and 3 and Emma’s Savvy Savings suggests: Fill a 2 litre bottle of water in the morning and keep it in the fridge. Make sure you drink it all and it’s a great way to track how much you have drunk.

Laura from Wafflemama has implemented a switch up: I switched from a bottle or pint glass to a mug. A mug of water doesn’t seem as daunting and I end up having so much more! It’s something I really struggle with but the mug has been a game changer for me.

Amanda of We Blog Travel has a genius idea: I actually have an image of a water bottle as the screen saver in my phone, so every time I pick it up I’m reminded to take a drink. I’ve found it really effective.

Janet from Falcondale Life advocates getting competitive: Challenge a friend or family member to drink more water with you. By buddying up you can help remind each other.

Rosie of Mum In The Moment has a recommendation: A bit random but when I’m at home I have an object in the house that whenever I look at it I have to go and drink some water. It works for me.

Lucy from The Parent Game has perhaps the most achievable tip: I make sure I have a pint of water with every meal. It’s easy to remember and stops me overeating too. This works out at 1.7 litres, so I only need another small glass to get the recommended two litres a day.

Beth from Twinderelmo found a brilliant sounding product (similar to the one below**): You can get bottles that have hourly times on it so you drink this much by 10/11/12 etc
It’s a great way to see when you drink your most/least and motivates you to drink!


Rebecca of Imperfect Mummy also has a product suggestion: Twinnings make a water infuser you can add to make it taste nicer! Makes it more appealing to drink.

Finally, another tech-y one from Amy at AmyTreasure.Com: I use an app on my Apple Watch called water minder. You set intervals and it reminds you then when you’ve had a drink of water you press a button on the app and it logs it. So good!

So there you have it! Some excellent tips there and ones I plan to implement as water is so vital to our health that it’s just ridiculous not to hydrate properly! And it’s a great excuse for a new water bottle, click below to see what’s on offer. 🙂 



*Just be aware that a lot of squashes on the market can contain high sugar levels which are not good for teeth or health if consumed in too high amounts.

**Post contains affiliate links, I get a (very) small percentage of the sale if you purchase through the links on the page.**


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