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Is a smart home safer? We’ve been finding out.

Is a Smart Home safer?

When I was looking at the smart home systems you can get, I only thought about how they could be useful for fun, asking for different music, changing the channel on your husband and confusing the hell out of him and turning the lights off because I was too lazy to go upstairs, but actually, there are lots of ways that a smart home can be safer too, detailed by More Than on their website.

The things I love are details like being able to turn the heating on from anywhere in the world using an app, but it gets even better then that, there are also products from the same range that can tell you if smoke or co2 is picked up in your home, alerting you to a fire via your phone from anywhere in the world. You can even program it with numbers to call in case of emergency, saving you the hassle of trying to find the number for the energy company to report a gas leak.

Talking of leaks, there is also a gadget that can alert you to any water leaks. This, for us, would be invaluable as we have a basement and a pump and if the pump ever failed due to a power cut, we have a back up that kicks in, but isn’t unlimited and so if we were away on holiday, it would be liable to flood. This would alert us to the fact that there was a leak and allow us to get it sorted before we came home to find our belongings floating!

I was also slightly blown away to read that there is a smart lock for your doors, if you’ve ever lain awake wondering whether you locked the front door but feeling too warm and cosy to get up and see, fret no more. You can ask your Google Home if you locked the front door, and if it tells you you haven’t, you can do it from your warm cosy bed! You can also link it to a video door bell and it can record for you, keeping a good eye on who has been around while you were out. And you can tell the delivery drivers where to leave your parcels without leaving a note on the door advertising to thieves that you are out or that your gate or garage door is open.

I also think it makes it safer because when you are cooking and chopping with sharp knives, it can often be the trigger for your children to ask the billion questions that they need the answer to right this minute, and having one of these devices means that you can redirect them to ‘ask google’ allowing you to keep all of your fingers attached!

The other thing it can do regarding children and safety, is operate your smart tv. Instead of them attempting to climb up and turn it on and change channels and volume themselves because the remote went missing in mysterious circumstances, they can just ask Google to provide them with some Paw Patrol from the safety of the floor!

You can also link your Google Home to a smart plug, and actually tell it to turn off the device without being anywhere near it! No more hair straightener burns on your carpets, or worse. They also have ‘away’ modes which mean you can connect a lamp up and set it to turn on and off which makes it look like you’re home, putting any would be burglars off.

Finally, if you are anything like us, housework might be the cause of many of your arguments, you can pair your Google Home to a remote vacuum cleaner and tell it to crack on while you get on with more important things, definitely safer for any partners that make comments on the state of the house when they get in because the house will be lovely and clean and you will be relaxed and happy!

**We received the Google Smart Home speaker free of charge in exchange for this post.**


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