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Is Giffords Circus worth the money?

Is Giffords Circus worth the money? That’s something people ask me all the time when I say that we’ve been, and I can understand why, tickets are £100 for a family of four and with snacks, icecream and travel on top, that can really add up to an expensive evening out.

All I can say is YES! Yes it is absolutely worth the money. We went with friends and got our tickets this year for the discounted rate of £50 for our family of four. (Not through blogging by the way!) But the previous year we went, I paid full price and next year I would happily pay full price again.

The entire family happy! We all had the best time.

There is something utterly magical about a trip to Giffords. From the quaint painted wagons, the burgundy and gold colour scheme and the smell of sawdust and candy floss in the air, everything about Giffords Circus is like stepping back in time. There is a real sense of old fashioned good clean fun about the place, and the children absolutely adore it. We went when the show was in Cirencester but there are many other options of venue, over the summer they tour the Cotswolds and even visit London for some shows.

A late night for a school night but worth every moment to hear their excited squeals and see their smiles!

Each year has a theme, it’s not your usual act after act here, there is a story-line woven in, and this year was about a Spanish court, and there was flamenco dancing, opera singing and the most exquisite costumes to wow the senses and transport you to another time and place. The musicians are incredibly talented and add to the atmosphere perfectly. There are some animals involved in the show, last time was horses and dogs, and this time horses and chickens! I am the first to admit that animals in circuses make me sad but not so with Giffords. The animals all look incredibly fit and healthy and exceedingly well cared for and loved.

Have you ever seen a more excited helper?

We arrived an hour early, (how I really do not know!), and got straight in the queue, meaning we had front row, centre seats, perfect for the view and also hilarious for the children as both of the Daddies got picked on! Seating is unreserved so get there early to secure a good spot!

Tweedy warmed up the crowd and you could feel the excitement building in the children as they spotted their hero, there is something about him that all children simply adore and love to copy, thankfully this year he had some new catch phrases to the last show though, as I had a good twelve months of ‘I’ve got a lolly!’ and wasn’t relishing the prospect of another twelve! 😀

Giffords circus worth the money

The entire show is visually so stunning.

The show moves seamlessly from act to act, mixing up slapstick comedy, death defying feats of daring and strength and quite a lot of risque material that zooms straight over the children’s heads but has the adults roaring. There is an interval and there were plenty of clean portaloos with not too much queuing from what we saw. There are also plenty of food and drink options, including wood fired pizzas!

They got to dance with Tweedy at the end! Smiles all round.

I don’t want to give too much away about the show itself so I have just added a few of the photos I took to give you a taster of the evening. There was never a dull moment and the entire audience was absolutely gripped all the way through, with a lot of laughter and many gasps and cheers for the more dangerous stunts. There is so much talent on display, and the whole team work very hard to make sure the show has the wow factor and everything runs smoothly.

Any Port In A Storm is almost over for this year, (the last weekend seems to be sold out unsurprisingly!) but I’m pretty sure that they will be planning something equally wondrous for next year and we are excited already.

Have you been? Would you say Giffords Circus is worth the money? We certainly think it is!

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