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Lunch with Prithvi – Cheltenham

I was invited to lunch at the beautiful Prithvi restaurant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire to try out their new Autumn menu and I got to bring a plus one, which meant that I could have a lovely lunchtime date with my husband Dave.

Prithvi Restaurant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The glamorous and understated elegance of Prithvi restaurant in Cheltenham.

He rarely has any time off in the day and so it was a special treat for us and I think the main reason I persuaded him is because he loves Indian food so much.  When I told my friends I was going, they were all very excited for me and told me how wonderful Prithvi is and that it is booked up at weekends months in advance. As I hadn’t been before myself, (we usually go to places where the menus come with crayons!), I wasn’t sure what to expect but was really looking forward to it.

Prithvi is situated near the town centre and has an understated sleek black frontage. The restaurant itself is small but not cramped and has a very glamorous feel without being pretentious. I felt very comfortable there even dressed down in a unicorn jumper! Best of all, not a crayon in site! 😀

Being vegetarian I got a whole separate menu and I was so impressed. Usually as a vegetarian, the menu can be a little disappointing and you can be left feeling slightly underwhelmed, or there isn’t much choice. Well, not in this instance! Every course was absolutely delicious and a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

It’s rare for me to actually stop and photograph the food, but I tried very hard for this post, descriptions of what we ate in the comments under each photo!

We started with these little bites of rice cracker with deep fried kale and mango. Surprisingly good considering I’m not a fan of kale!

Next up were these little balls of deliciousness! I was very silly and failed to make any notes but I vaguely remember they were made of chickpea pastry and you had to eat them in one bite!


Dave started with a tandoor baked salmon with beetroot, cucumber and mango which was delicately flavoured and perfectly cooked.


I had textures of beetroot with goat cheese and it was absolutely delicious, I have recently become a fan of beetroot and I love goat cheese but it was nice to have it with some stronger Indian inspired flavours.


Next up was Welsh Lamb with cous cous and legumes for Dave, with beautiful presentation again of course.


Next up for me was spiced cauliflower with cucumber raita, again beautifully presented and so many beautiful flavours. The cauliflower was crunchy and it was a total taste extravaganza.


The final meat course was venison with butternut squash, ginger and a cinnamon reduction, poured over after the photo.


I had paneer with asparagus and bokchoi in the most amazing sauce and it was soooooo so good! I really wanted to ask for a spoon so I could scrape every last morsel of sauce off my plate!!!


Last but not least, pudding. In my mind the most important part!! Passion fruit cream with mango gel, coriander and honey crumble. It was absolutely delicious, like a deconstructed cheesecake. I had a lot of comments on my stories about it looking a little bit like ham on top, it was actually white chocolate flavoured with strawberry and was scrumptious.

We really loved the lunch at Prithvi, as you can probably tell, the food really is exquisite, with fantastic flavours and such attention to detail when it comes to presentation. I left there very keen to visit again!

*The food and drinks were complimentary, this is an honest review and all thoughts and photos are all my own.*


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  1. Holly
    November 5, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    You lucky things! Me and Sam are super jealous (knowing there is such a long waiting list!). If you get a second invite you know who to ask

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