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Photography course with Jenny Giles Photography.

A photography course with Jenny Giles Photography. I recently met Jenny through a friend after following her online for years, and was really excited when she offered me the chance to come over and spend the day with her learning some of her enviable photography and editing skills, (see photo below) as my photography is something I adore but felt frustrated at being held back by my skill level. I didn’t pay for my course as I know Jenny personally, she didn’t ask for this post and hasn’t told me what to write.

An example of Jenny Giles Photography editing with a little boy sat in the woods by a copper kettle and below, the same photo with a dark, mysterious edit and flames under the kettle.

It was a very relaxed affair at Jenny’s lovely studio in Cwmbran, South Wales, which started with a cup of tea and a chat to establish what I was hoping to gain from the day and what sort of level I was at already, then we went out to the gorgeous local park to get to grips with putting my DSLR on manual. (I will add my before and after edited photos throughout the post so you can see what I’ve learnt!)

An unedited photo of me in the frost with a pink hat on looking at the camera and smiling with Hendrix our labrador behind me also looking at the camera.

Jemma, Jenny’s apprentice, came along to the park as well to pose for pictures and generally add to the learning experience as she is also very knowledgable and having more recently learnt the trade had good ways of explaining things that are second nature to Jenny, they make a good team!

The same photo as the previous one with me and Hendrix but using the techniques I learnt on the photography course, I added photos of the frosty leaves I had taken that day to make a pretty border.

Once we had taken some sample shots at the park, with Jenny offering great examples of playing with depth of field, looking at where to place your subject matter, explaining what settings are best for different shots and generally being a wealth of information but not in an overwhelming way. She is happy to explain everything using very simple and easy to use terminology and never once made me feel like any of my questions were silly, even though I was at ‘scared to come off auto’ level.

An unedited photo of my children leaning on a wooden dresser, looking at a clock that is also a barometer.


Then we headed back to the studio to work on the bit that really excited me, photoshop skills. I have long loved Jenny’s work and looked at her creations on social media in awe as she created all these dark and mysterious fairy worlds or Victorian ladies in regal dresses and then showed you a sneak peak behind the scenes at the unedited photo, my mind was blown at her creativity.

The same photo as the previous one but this time edited using stock photos of different weathers overlaid across the photo.


I had owned photoshop for years and tried on several occasions to get my head around it and just couldn’t! It was far too complicated for me, and I always ended up more frustrated then ever, despite watching youtube tutorial after youtube tutorial, it just didn’t compute. However after just a few minutes of watching Jenny do some basic edits on her laptop which I then replicated on mine, it made total sense and I couldn’t understand how I hadn’t managed to get to grips with it before! She is so knowledgeable and showed me how to get rid of people in the background and even add things into my photos. Even though she is clearly a photoshop pro, she showed me the simple basics in a way that was uncomplicated and not overwhelming in the slightest.

An unedited image of my children sitting in the woods, holding out their hands and pretending to look at something on their palms.

I left Jenny absolutely fizzing with inspiration and desperate to get creating! I have always had so many ideas that have seemed unachievable thanks to my photography and editing limits but under the patience and gentle guidance of the girls at a Jenny Giles Photography, I feel like I can keep growing and improving now I have the basics. I will 100% be going back to do more courses!

The same photo as the previous one, but edited using the skills I was taught on the Jenny Giles Photography course to add fairies sitting on the children's palms.

They run them regularly, details of which you can find on their website, or just give them a call to discuss on 01495 616127, they’re very friendly and helpful.

You can also find Jenny talking in the Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham on June 15th as part of the Maven Connex Creative Blogger Morning. Tickets currently just £22.50 on early bird.


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