Is someone in your life partial to a bit of new stationery? I’ve got some brilliant ideas for you to make all their dreams come true this Christmas. Also a fabulous giveaway to win a big bundle at the bottom of the post!

*This post contains items that were sent to us free of charge for inclusion and some affiliate links*

1. Gruffalo Family Planner

I love a good planner and this one ticks so many boxes as we really love the Gruffalo in our house plus there are stickers. I also like planners that have enough space for all the family. £10.99 from Amazon.

Planners always make great practical gifts and those who already love stationery can appreciate them so much more. This family planner is perfect to use in the kitchen or family space for everyone to enjoy and use.

2. Paperchase Planner

Oooooh! Planners are something so important in the life of a blogger!

Image of a Paperchase planner

I think anyone who is busy and has lots of appointments to juggle needs a good planner and this one looks fab. It’s like a bullet journal without the need for you to do the creative bit! Paperchase £12.99

3. Gold Happy Pen

I love this pen! A great reminder to be happy and of the person that bought it for you! Paperchase £8

A Paperchase 'Happy' pen.

I find it hard to find a pen I like and once I do I never want it to run out. This is one of those pens, its easy to hold and use along with being super cute and fun to look at!

4. Wooden Photo Album

I take a LOT of photos and I also love to have physical copies of the best ones and so this lovely album is just perfect as a special gift for a loved one.

Digital copies of images and photos are great but sometimes I enjoy being able to sit and look through a traditional style book and enjoy the pictures properly. This can make a great gift for someone, especially if you have a collection of pictures together or from a specific trip. £17.99 from Amazon.

5. Magnetic Gel Pen Set

These are not just pens! They are amazing desk toys too, with super strong magnets that mean you can turn them into just about anything. What’s even better is that they are refillable and so the fun is really endless! £29.97 from Amazon.

6. Sloth Notebook

Follow Your Dreams: Sloth My Spirit Animal Notebook £4.39 from Amazon.

7. Mindful Thoughts Pencils

These Sprout pencils are brilliant and not only have a mindful quote on to brighten your day, they are also a great eco friendly alternative because when you have used them and they are too short to write anymore, you can just plant them and they will grow into a herb, flower or vegetable.

There are eight different colours and 9 seed types available. They are 100% eco friendly and lead free £9.00 from Amazon.

8. Dingbats Notebook

Dingbats Notebook – The Vegan Blue Whale Notebook has been crafted to be eco-friendly and 100% vegan with all the materials used degradable and recyclable. The cover has been made from a faux leather material that has been vegan certified and even the water used to produce the paper is returned to the rivers cleaner than when it was taken out.

On top of this Dingbats* Notebooks Ltd donates 2% of its revenue to WWF-UK to help find ways to transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas so you can write away in the knowledge that you are helping the environment. £14.95 from Amazon.

9. Eco Friendly Stationery set.

Sustainable stationery with style, simple and beautifully designed set including a Pencil, Pen, Notepad, Eraser & Ruler. Every item has a strong environmental message of its own!

Made from versatile, sustainable materials, this classic stationery set is a great environmentally alternative to conventional stationery and spreads the eco friendly message.

Eco friendly stationery made by conscientious manufacturers that combine beautifully designed products with an ethical concept – protecting our planet. £5.08 from Amazon.

10. Stationery Supplies Gift Set for Doctor

This utterly adorable gift set is perfect for the doctor that’s in your life. The kit is made up of a number of different stationery pieces, all themed around medicine.

For example, there are gel pens and highlighter syringes, band-aid post-it notes, and bandage-style sticky tape. It’s an utterly adorable set that focuses on being fun and light-hearted in a difficult job. Take a look today! £13.99 from Amazon.

11. Dry Wipe Memo Ceramic Elephant

‘An elephant never forgets’, as the old saying goes, and this elephant is happy to help you avoid forgetting too. The body of the elephant is made up of ceramic, though it has a coating similar to the material whiteboards are made from.

For that reason, you can use any dry-wipe whiteboard marker on the elephant, and it will stay there until you no longer need it. This could be the perfect gift for a forgetful family member that works in an office. £19.95 from Amazon.

12. Decorative Sticky Notepad Set

This is a simple gift, but one that’s tried and tested to be ideal for any number of stationery enthusiasts. The kit consists of a pen, a tear-off pad, index tabs, and a number of different sticky notes.

Altogether, they form a handy pad that’s sure to help you keep things straight and organized around the house. It also makes a lovely gift thanks to its simple, elegant, and beautiful cover and ‘buzzing’ Bee illustrations, ideal for someone with a minimal and beautiful home. £8.75 from Amazon.

13. Cute Guinea Pig Notebook

Now, I may be a little bit biased as I had guinea pigs when I was younger, but I genuinely believe that this guinea big notebook is utterly adorable! This small journal is 8×10 inches and has a hundred and twenty pages. This makes it the perfect size and thickness for work, school, or even just around the house.

This notebook could be a superb gift for someone in your life that loves their cavies just as much as they love stationery. £5.99 from Amazon.

14. Large Pencil Case Big Capacity

I absolutely adore a good pencil case, and this one is no exception. It has a huge capacity, with room for enough stationery to supply a small country.

The particularly enticing thing about this pencil case, however, is that the unique design allows for extremely high-density compartmentalization and storage, ideal for storage as much as possible in as little space as possible. Also, all of the compartments and different sections of the case open up completely, allowing you plenty of space to see within the case and find what you’re looking for. £10.99 from Amazon.

15. BIC My Surprise Box Gift Set

This is a simple and wonderful gift box ideal for someone that loves stationery and loves a beautiful box to keep it in too.

The kit includes a number of lovely pieces of stationary, from an A5 notebook to sticky notes and five metallic BIC marking felt pens. The pens are, in my humble opinion, a wonderful part of the box as they’re something that you rarely see.

They include traditional gold, silver, and bronze metallic colours, as well as metallic green and blue. These extra colours make for a wonderful gift, ideal for a stationery enthusiast. The other pens in the set, while basic gel and ballpoint pens are high-quality and easy to use – as is the vast majority of BIC’s range. £21.19 From Amazon.

16. Elephant Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

This adorable elephant would make the perfect addition to any desk and is sure to complete the look of a warm, cosy office space.

The trunk of the elephant curves up at the end to form a basic phone stand which, while simple, is certainly effective and handy for video calls or just checking messages.

The body of the elephant is hollow with a hole in the top, perfect to stash a few pens or pencils whenever you might need to. The product comes in two colours, bronze, and red, with the elephant’s ‘skin’ remaining a plain ceramic colour in both options. £33.58 from Amazon.

17. Van Gogh Recipe Journal

Do you have someone in your life that loves to cook as well as use fancy stationery? This could be a great gift for them, as it allows them to combine their wonderful recipes with the striking and beautiful artwork on Van Gogh.

The journal features custom printed recipe cards as well as a whole host of dividers perfect for the chef in your life to break up their recipes, however, they see fit. This beautiful journal would make a lovely addition to any kitchen. £16.99 from Amazon.

18. NIMU 12 Pieces Animal Stationery

While this set is, strictly speaking, aimed at kids, it’s too adorable to not consider. The set is made up of twelve pieces of stationery paper, and twelve utterly adorable envelopes.

The idea is that you can write on the paper, and then use the wonderfully sweet envelopes to share that with your loved ones. While this gift doesn’t have too much of a realistic use, it is utterly adorable and would be perfect for anyone in your life with a love for cute stationery. £8.99 from Amazon.

19. Allbusky Cute Cat 0.38mm Gel Ink Rollerball Pens

The final entry on our list is one that is, once again, utterly adorable if a little bit silly. These beautiful Japanese pens are incredibly fine and use beautiful gel ink to write extremely fine lines while providing a cute addition to your desk.

The caps of the pens are adorned with adorable cat heads, completed with simple line-drawings of paws. The cats themselves are adorable, and truly make the pen much cuter. These pens could be a great choice for someone in your life that loves their cat – with grey, ginger, and black-and-white cats, you can be sure that they’ll be able to pick a pen to match their pet. £7.99 from Amazon.

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