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The Winter Heating Wars Begin!

Winter heating wars! Now I know it’s not just our house that this is going on in, from around mid September when the mornings start becoming cold and gloomy, my husband and I start The Battle of the Boiler, (must be said in theatrical, start of the X Factor style) where I feel cold and angle towards putting the heating on and he suggests alternative options.

These include;

Using a blanket.

Lighting the fire.

Keeping all the windows and doors closed. (Sounds obvious but with children and a puppy in and out like party goers doing the hokey kokey it’s not always so clear cut!)

Having a cup of tea.

Cooking. (Ok ok, if he really suggested that I’d probably have whacked him with a frying pan but it really does work!)

Cleaning. (Again, not a real suggestion of his as he knows full well where he would find the mop!)

One thing that I know uses too much energy, (and I have been tutted at by a meter reader before for!), is re-boiling the kettle. I am awful for this. I only like my tea piping hot and I also tend to be doing 5 things at once, so I am very prone to clicking the kettle on, getting side tracked, clicking it on again etc. Such a bad habit!

There are lots of ways that you can save energy, here are a few tips I have picked up along the way.

Make a pot of tea and keep it covered with a tea cosy, that way you are not boiling the kettle for every cup. (Advice I need to follow myself!)

Use draught excluders. I have one that I made myself, it was some very simple sewing, I measured the width of the door and cut a wide strip of folded fabric. I then hemmed one end and stitched the fabric inside out down the open side and across the unhemmed edge. Turn inside out, fill with soft toy filling and then use a folded and stitched extra strip of fabric to tie off the open end. It’s lasted four years now!

Make sure any gaps around windows and doors are filled, especially in older houses.

Put on an extra jumper. Yes I know, I know, the advice that irritates me so much is actually very good, often I sit and moan about feeling cold and I’m only wearing a t-shirt!

Add a blanket to your bed. This is something that I do a lot in Winter, well, it was until I invested in a new purchase, which leads me neatly on to my next tip…..

Buy a wool duvet! I’d never heard of them, we were in the shop and looking at micro fibre and down duvets, (neither of which suited us both), when a quick search told me that wool duvets are brilliant. Best of all, it was cheaper then any of the others and keeps me warm and my husband cool. How I have no clue but it’s been sleep changing!

Only put the oven on when you need it. Ours is pretty fast to get up to temperature and I always overestimate the time it takes and have it on for far longer then needed.

Shower instead of bath. We all mostly shower now and on the odd occasion the kids have a bath, I chuck them in together!

So there you have it! My energy saving tips so even if you don’t have a smart meter, you can still save some pennies. If you are with British Gas, by 2020 all of their customers will be offered Smart Meters so you can see exactly how much that kettle re-boil is costing you!

*This is a collaborative post with British Gas but all thoughts and genius energy saving ideas are my very own!



  1. December 11, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    Thanks for all the brilliant tips, it is so expensive to keep the heating on high enough to feel warm at this time of year. The heating wars tend to go the other way in our house, my husband shoves the heating up high and I feel guilty using so much energy so I try not to let it get too warm.

  2. Mary Heald
    December 24, 2017 / 7:53 am

    Some good ideas for keeping the heating bills down. I had never heard of a wool duvet and must look into it. As ‘I love reading’ what better way to keep warm than go to bed with a good book?

  3. claire woods
    December 30, 2017 / 11:38 am

    I do all this and am still cold but it’s that time of year. ‘I love reading’

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