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We love scandi! Ubang clothing review and giveaway. (Ended)

We love scandi! Ubang Clothing Review and Giveaway.

I think it’s good to be unique. With my multicoloured hair and rainbow trainers I stand out from the crowd a little bit, and I like to buy my children clothes that are different too. My daughter has always had a very strong sense of her own identity, as you can see below, she rocks it!

She certainly brightens up a grey day doesn’t she? 😃 You wouldn’t realise she was off school ill would you? I love her sense of style. I call it ‘go big or go home!’ 😂Or ‘more is more’! She basically dresses how I would if I really let myself go. 😂😂 We both love clothes which is why I was thrilled to be asked to be ambassadors for Danish clothing company @ubangunitedkingdom who send us some stunning clothes including her gorgeous skirt & peacock jacket. A full review is coming but for now I can say that I really love their quirky styles and the clothing quality is second to none, gorgeous thick organic cotton. I’ll also have some lovely pieces to give away too. Hope we see some more sun soon! Spring is supposed to be here. #pinklinker

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We tend to get the basics from the high street, leggings, trousers etc and then mix it up with a few more expensive pieces that we have bought online. With scandi clothing being so huge, we were really pleased to be approached by Danish company Ubang Babblechat to be ambassadors for their gorgeous range, coming at a perfect time as the sun starts to shine and jumpers are cast aside in favour of t-shirts and sunnies.

He really loves stripes!

There are several things I like about their clothes. My daughter has always been big for her age, and I found that the minute we stepped out of the younger girl ranges, the clothes changed drastically. Gone were the sweet flowery prints and bright colours and it was more about slogan t-shirts and black and grey clothing in lots of the high street shops we used to love.

I think they are little for such a short time that I like to dress her in children’s clothes, bright colours and funky patterns and with Ubang Babblechat this is possible as she has plenty of growing room in the 6-8 which is not the case with many high street brands. I also found that the choice for boys was so limited! It was all the same, you seem to get so much more variety of colours and styles for girls, (although it is getting a little better), and there are only so many superhero t-shirts a boy can have! 😀

Ubang Babblechat Scandi clothing giveaway.

I love that she can still be a child in these clothes despite being too tall for many of the younger girl’s sections on the high street.

The range from Ubang Babblechat ticks all our boxes. The clothes are made from organic cotton that has been tested for harmful chemicals. Having two eczema prone children, it’s nice to know! The fabric feels lovely and the finish is beautiful, plus the designs are unusual and quirky with little extra details like a car on a string that fits into a pocket on the car ferry so their clothes also become something to play with.

I let my children choose some pieces each and they really enjoyed looking at the range and seemed to love the bright colours and patterns. They both love clothes and planning what to wear. I might even describe my son as ‘fussy’ because for the longest time he has been putting back the outfit I selected for him and choosing his own clothes from his drawers. He seems to take enjoyment from his choices but above all wants to be comfortable so when he picks something out, I know he feels able to play freely in it.

Children should be able to run and play freely in their clothing.

The clothing isn’t cheap when you compare it to the supermarkets or some of the high street shops, however, for the quality, style and design, I definitely think that it is value for money, and you can always do as I do, and select a few key pieces each season to mix and match with what you already have. The other thing that I have noticed is that their clothing lasts longer, bobbles less and there is terrific resale value on scandi kids clothing, I found it amazing that some secondhand items can resale for almost as much as they were bought for*!

We are offering you the chance to win an amazing girls’ bundle comprising of a dress, a t-shirt, a skirt and a playsuit worth in excess of £120.00 all you have to do is enter the giveaway below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



*Obviously this isn’t always the case!



  1. Heather Morrison
    April 15, 2017 / 7:24 am

    That little playsuit is gorgeous! My niece would love all of these. So adorable xx

  2. April 16, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    My sister little girl would love so cute in the clothers

  3. Les Holliday
    April 19, 2017 / 11:24 am

    Great clothes for Lily:-)

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