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When did sleep become life? A Sloane and Sons mattress review.

How I feel about wonderful, beautiful sleep, and a Sloane and Sons mattress review!



Before becoming a mother I had no idea how big a deal sleep would become in my life. I spent more hours thinking about it then I could ever have imagined. Thinking about when I could get it, when I last had it, how little of it I had had.

I took delight in torturing myself by adding up the few hours I had had the night before, obsessing over how much I had got in comparison to my hubby and feeling pure fury towards him when it was (always!!) more.

Now my children are older, they aren’t up (quite so!) often in the night and so sleep isn’t quite as in demand as before, now my problem is staying up late to watch tv!

A large part of their sleep now is the comfort of their beds, mattresses are really important, the children have been in proper beds from around the age of two, and initially we had the cheapest mattresses in the shop’s range, knowing that there would probably be accidents, sickness etc to contend with.

Now my daughter is 6 though, accidents are in the past and she is able to rush to the toilet if she feels unwell so it seemed a good time to upgrade her mattress, therefore it was good timing when Sloane and Son got in touch and asked if they could send us a mattress to review. We chose the Mayfair Single Pocket Sprung mattress which is a combination of springs and memory foam layers. To be honest, a lot of it goes right over my head when it comes to mattresses, and you can find all the technical spec on their website so I shall give you my very un-technical review about what I think is important!

Weight: The mattress is heavy, but I managed to get it up to my daughter’s loft bedroom on my own.

Packaging: It comes in a cardboard box and vacuum packed in plastic in a roll. I videoed it unrolling and it’s quite satisfying to watch!

Feel: It’s very soft to the touch and is very firm until you lie on it and you sink it slightly.

Ease of use: One of the things that I noticed was the handles on the sides, making flipping it much easier.

Depth: The mattress is super thick, at least double her last one.

Preparation needed: When we got our memory foam mattress, it needed so long to air due to the chemical smell and took months to fully shake the odor. This mattress didn’t have the odor initially and although I could smell it faintly the next day, it isn’t unpleasant or overly strong. I would also suggest giving it a full day to totally expand to full depth, I put it on my little girl’s bed in the evening and she didn’t have a very comfortable night but by morning it had almost doubled in size.

Cost: Although I didn’t pay for the mattress, having looked at their website, I’m not sure I’d ever pay £699.00 for a single mattress, however, the mattress is currently retailing at £225.00 and as I know she’ll have this for many years to come, I think it is a fully justifiable cost as the quality seems very high and everything about the mattress feels luxurious.

*We were sent this mattress free of charge to review, all opinions are honest and my own!*


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