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Winter photo shoot with Chui King Li Photography.

We were lucky enough to have a Winter photo shoot with the lovely Chui King Li Photography at the weekend. **Photo Spam Alert**

I met Chui at Miniature Music, (a gorgeous baby group), years ago and I have long admired her stunning shots of her own gorgeous two so it wasn’t a surprise when I saw that she has now set up her own photography business specialising in family photo shoots.

I mentioned we were planning to choose a Christmas tree and she saw and sent me a message asking if I wanted her to capture the moment. Did I ever?! I absolutely jumped at the chance and when I mentioned it to a mutual friend, who is also a very talented photographer, she told me that we were incredibly lucky as Chui’s photos are exceptionally good. Excitement was high!

Before the shoot, we were sent questionnaires to fill in with details and information about ourselves. Some of the questions seemed a little strange but I realised they were to really get an idea of our personalities and Chui used our answers to tailor the shoot, for example, asking my daughter if she could see the unicorn in her lens to get her looking directly at the camera.

I’d asked Chui if she could get a few pics that I could use for my profile pictures and some solo instagram pics as I never have anyone putting me in the picture and pictures with me in seem to be my most popular ones. I felt like a bit of an idiot asking her but she just asked me to send her a few images to give an idea of what I wanted and suggested some props then posed me and got the children to make me laugh and captured some amazingly natural, happy moments.

Let me tell you that Chui is fantastic at what she does, she has great vision and she was in charge the entire time without being pushy in the slightest. She told us where to stand and what to do, even giving us clear direction about how to pose our arms and legs, trust me, this is something that is invaluable as I am quite uncomfortable having my photo taken as I’m never quite sure how to position myself.

Dave is especially uncomfortable and really really doesn’t like having his photo taken and was actually dreading the experience to the point where I suggested he stay at home! Luckily he didn’t take me up on it and Chui instantly put him at ease, her very clear instructions took all the pressure out of it. He actually enjoyed himself! Even though Chui has ideas, she isn’t pushy and if we had any suggestions, she happily took them on board and made them work. A lot of the pics were unobtrusive as she darted about in the background capturing moments of us just walking along and looking at the lovely scenery and Christmas trees. Dowdeswell Forestry made for a stunning location with views across the Cotswold Hills and more beautiful Christmas trees then you could ever count.

A few days after the shoot we were sent a link to our own personal gallery with a beautiful slideshow and soundtrack. We were both blown away and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I cried! I’m so happy with the way the photos turned out and I can’t wait to get some on canvas. I’ve also held some back to share on my Instagram over the coming weeks. There are some really festive ones!

It takes a lot to be really good at family photo shoots, you need to have vision, be able to give clear directions, to put people at their ease, to engage with children and take amazing photos. Chui ticks all those boxes! You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

🎄Choosing A Tree**🎄 Squeeeeee!!!! So. Much. Love for this photo. My uber talented friend @chuikingli saw me mention we were going to get our tree and offered to capture it on camera for us. Having admired her stunning photos of her own children on Facebook for years and knowing she now has her own business, I absolutely jumped at the chance. She got some corkers and I’ll definitely be sharing more over the next few weeks. **Can we just gloss over the fact that we didn’t actually end up getting a tree and the entire experience ended up with us all bickering all the way home please?! 😂😂😂 #makingmemories alright! Also, if you have children, my advent videos are live on YouTube and my blog, today it’s finding out all about the history of Christmas Pudding! #ourmagicalchristmasmoments #pinklinker #playwildmychild

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Some funny bits about the day, check out Barney’s face in the family ones, also, we didn’t end up getting a tree after all that! It started to rain near the end of the shoot, everyone was tired after late nights and we wanted a potted one and things like, ‘too green’, ‘not green enough’ and ‘not bushy enough’ were bandied about until we all gave up! Standard!

*Disclaimer, we haven’t paid for the photo shoot or the images but all thoughts are my own and honest!*


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