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5 dog friendly places to eat out at in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Are you looking for dog friendly places to eat out at in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire? When you have a dog, you often have to choose to stay at home or leave them behind when you go out and eat. Lots of country pubs accept dogs, but sometimes you just want to grab a sandwich or salad in the town centre and it can be hard to find a place you can pop into where you’d be welcome to take your furry friend. In Italy, by contrast, it is to rare to find somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs in, they are positively welcomed there and luckily it’s starting to get much better in the UK and so we have done some research testing coffee and cakes for you to find the best places to go in Cheltenham.

Dog friendly places to eat out at in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


We have lived in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for 7 years now and had a dog for most of that time and have always liked taking them out with us. Over the years, we have found some great places we can go and eat and not have to leave them behind and wanted to share them with you.

You just have to remember some basic ground rules to make sure that these places continue to accept pooches. For example, the knowledge that lots of people don’t like dogs and don’t want your precious fur baby greeting them enthusiastically as they sit at their table goes a long way, (although this is quite rare!) also, don’t let your dog lick the café plate clean! It shouldn’t need writing down but according to a cafe owner I chatted to about it, it’s more common then you’d think and it puts other people off coming back if they see it unsurprisingly!

I’m sure there are more than this in town but here are 5 of our favourites. Places with a W are good for working in too as they have free wifi and don’t mind customers taking a laptop in.

1. W Cafe Moochoo –  51 High Street, GL50 1DX – Good for: Amazing homemade cakes, great coffee, hearty soups, stews and paninis. This lovely cafe is right at the top of the high street, just past the Sainsburys on the left side. With a laid back vibe, a gorgeous courtyard, a mix of tables and comfy chairs and some great tunes, this has been one of our favourite places to go from the baby days as they are very baby and child friendly and have toys and books. They also have a display of local artists on the walls and a good noticeboard with events on in the area.

2. W Boston Tea Party – 45 – 49 Clarence Street – Good for: Delicious brunches, wholesome food, kid’s meals, great coffee, healthy smoothies and yummy cakes. Situated next to the Wilson Gallery and the town library. With a very relaxed and funky atmosphere, Boston Tea Party is spread out over several levels meaning plenty of tables. The food is fresh, cooked from scratch on site and delicious. They open up the big front windows on hot days and you can sit outside as well. (Another huge plus for me is seeing the news they have now banned single use cups completely after ditching plastic straws and bottles successfully some time ago.)

3. Kindness and Co – 38 Clarence Street – Good for: Healthy, seasonal food with a feel good factor. There is plenty of seating downstairs in this pretty, relaxing cafe, this cafe offers an incredibly healthy alternative to the fast food options in town with superfood salads, smoothies and cakes using lots of local produce. A percentage of the profits goes to charities in developing countries. Plus there are dog biscuits for your buddies!

4. W Exmouth Arms – 167 Bath Road – Good for: Delicious home cooked food, great coffee, homemade cakes, families and outdoor area. The Exmouth Arms is spacious and relaxed with plenty of seating inside and out with a huge garden with a pizza oven in. There is a cosy sofa area and a special 2-for-1 offer on hot drinks in the morning making it a popular choice for meeting friends. The food is always great and the staff are very friendly and welcoming to kids, dogs and people alike. There are dog biscuits on the bar.

5. Curious Cafe – 204 Bath Road – Good for: Breakfasts, lunches, cakes and coffee. Somewhere we go a lot! The food is brilliant, they are more then happy to make changes to things on the menu, there is a really lovely outdoor courtyard for sunny days and the staff are all so nice and friendly. The vibe is very relaxed and there is quite a lot of seating but get there early for weekend breakfasts as it fills up very quickly.

So there you have it! Our top places to go in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for eating out at with your dog! Do you have any to add to this? Send me your recommendations. If you would like to be added to this list, please email louise@pinkpearbear.com


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  1. June 24, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Ooh great to know, thanks! I also love that BTP have banned single use cups and straws. There’s one in Worcester too, I’ll be checking to see if Bubbles is welcome there!

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