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What we’re looking forward to in October!

I can’t believe it’s October and we are nearly at half term! It doesn’t feel like five minutes ago that we were on Summer hols. We have so many exciting plans this month, I can’t wait. Never mind the absolutely stunning Autumn leaves, need for chunky knits and fires, bright crisp days and perfect photo ops!

Cheltenham Literature Festival: 

I’m going to so many events this week, some press tickets and some I paid for and I’m still on a high after seeing David Attenborough at the weekend.

Lido Dog Swim:

The Saturday after Cheltenham Lido closes the pool to humans (and before the big pool clean!), they hold a dog swim and we got a ticket for Hendrix to go and have a dip! I’m so excited, we absolutely love the lido and spent many happy hours there this year.

Jingle Mingle:

I’m heading up to Birmingham for a Christmas Event and I’m really looking forward to wearing something sparkly and chatting with other bloggers in a lovely Christmassy venue.

We’re going to Disney on Ice:

I’m very excited, Disney on Ice has come back to city of Birmingham for half term and we’re so looking forward to going! We have never been but I’ve heard so many great things about it, and this show is princess centered, something that my daughter will love. I love the Dancing on Ice show on tv and I imagine this will be mind blowing skating! (The tickets are complimentary in exchange for review)

Trip to Italy:

We’re going out for 4 days to visit my parents and I can’t wait, I love it there so much and haven’t been for years!


I love Halloween! I get so excited about it and am planning some fun food this year. We are starting with a friend at ours, a spooky themed tea, dressing up and then we go out trick or treating. But without the trick bit. And only targeting houses that are decorated with pumpkins outside. As soon as we’re in and the pumpkin is out though, woe betide anyone that knocks my door! 😀

Birthday Parties:

We have them coming out of our ears this month, it’s great fun though, I love seeing all the different things that people come up with. 




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