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Big Pink Link 11/7/16

I say it every time it’s Big Pink Link time but does anyone else feel as if life is on fast forward sometimes?  The days are just zooming by!

This week has been peaceful for me, mainly because I made a bit of a boo boo last week and mistakenly thought it was my week off! Oops!! I’ve also had a calmer run because BML and the festival have been and gone which were the two things I was working towards. There were some late nights getting the art work together for story telling and it’s nice to catch up on some sleep. Although the sleepless nights have caught up on me somewhat and I’m shattered.

It’s busy in other ways too. Real  life-y ways such as sports days, open eves, meeting new teachers and nights out. I don’t know about you but I spend the majority of the year’s evenings in my pj bottoms on the sofa watching tv and eating biscuits but roll up to the end of term and there are nights out galore! I’m out three times next week. 3! And then some more planned the week after. I’ll be shattered! 😀

Enough chat, (although I do love doing these little updates, a bit like a diary!), and onto the linky! I just have to say, recently the comments on twitter have been just wonderful, so many people praising the quality of posts on the link up, how lovely is that? It’s all down to you so keep writing and keep linking your fantabulous words.

Pink Pear Bear

Wows of the Week go to Mess and Merlot – Carry On Blogging! Charlie, who reveals her masterplan on how she is going to survive blogging while on 6 weeks of school holidays. She wanted to title the post “Everyone Panic!”, so you know you’ll be laughing as well as empathising. She has a refreshing writing style.  Mess, Stress and Fancy Dress – How to “do” Duplo By Your Toddler The title is self explanatory – A deliciously hilarious post on how Duplo should be done, Moms, take notes please! Thank you El!

Also, Lucy’s picks; this one, by This Happened To Me Today, was, in a word, BRILLIANT! Witty, well observed, with some hilarious comparisons, I absolutely loved it! And this one by The Stented Papa, was a very funny, honest, down to earth account of a first time father who had absolutely no idea what to expect when it comes to a baby’s poo habits!!

Well done you four, help yourself to a Wow badge above!!

Pink Pear Bear
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  1. July 11, 2016 / 1:40 pm

    Yes! Helen’s of Mess Stress and This Happened to me Today were two of my faves too and one of them’s in the July #BlogStars actually! No idea how I missed Charlie’s though…I’ll have to go check. Thanks for hosting darling x

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