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The Big Pink Link 6th June

Gosh, how is it June already?!

This week El and I have the pleasure of being your hosts!

I’m actually scheduling this about 12 days in advance so have no idea how last week’s link up went, I’m going to take a stab in the dark here though, and say that I bet it was a fabulous as always! 🙂

I’m scheduling because I’m off on my hols. It’s half term here in Britain and it was my lovely Dad’s 60th birthday last month so he has arranged for the family to stay in a hotel in Venice to celebrate and we thought we’d drive there! (As you do!!) Because Wilma, our wonderful campervan is all finished, we thought we’d have a roadtrip, (a pretty epic one!), to test her out! Hopefully this will all go to plan and I’ll be back reading this all relaxed and totally unstressed……erm, well, at least that it wasn’t as bad as this lovely break! 😉

The reason I’m scheduling is so that I can have a real blog-break and some much needed, chilled out family time, I think my husband has had more then enough of me being busy with SM all the time and ignoring him. 😀

Pink Pear Bear

Last week the ladies loved; for Lucy it was this post because it was really funny, but finished with a really positive message about dads getting up their confidence when looking after their children, when it’s something they don’t do often and this, because I wished I’d read it as a new mum, it summed up everything that I feared, and thought I’d failed at-when all of it was just normal. And the video was hilarious!

For El, this Mummy Muckups – The Real “Real” Housewives of Sydney — an absolutely hilarious and highly original take on why Anna thinks she should be casted as one of the Real Housewives. You’ll be laughing from beginning to end and then calling the network to cast Anna – because she is an absolute star in the making.

And this, and another 10 things – “Walking With Toddlers” — this blog is a newish discovery and this post will have you stitches as Suzanne writes a transcript of her walk to the shops, complete with a scooter, and having to lug everything home and realising that she’s forgotten the milk. An epic adventure that will have you laughing.

Well done all & grab a Wow badge if you’d like one!

I’m really hoping that June brings us some much needed stable sunny weather. After all, it is Summer now, yay! 

P.s. As I’m editing to add the favourite posts, thought I would let you know that it has rained & thundered for most of our 10 day adventure! (Blog post to follow!) In fact, I’ve been looking at pics of British Summer heaven on Facebook whilst in the midst of a giant hail storm! Never before have I wanted to swap a Europe hol for a British one!! 😂

 I’ve waffled enough I think, so…………..linky time!

Pink Pear Bear
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