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Biiiiig Piiiiink Liiiiiink! Is Summer here?

So a week has passed again, today feels like Summer, yay. The rest of the week went by in a blur of torrential rain and scorching hot sun though, so I added umbrellas and suncream to my already overstuffed bag whenever we went out anywhere. I also realised that over the winter, the kid’s sunhats have gone to join the land of hairbands and odd socks. I’m sure as soon as I buy them new ones, the perfectly good old ones will reappear! 😀

I mentioned a few weeks ago that there were going to be some changes to the bigpinklink. Well, Lucy and I are thrilled that El, otherwise known as the brilliant Agent Spitback, will be joining us in a couple of weeks’ time! We shall have a rotation system so that only two of us will be running the link up at anytime, however, you can tweet all of us for a RT every week so it’s not confusing! Between us, we have around 12,000 followers so hopefully that will really boost your post views! 🙂

Pink Pear Bear


I loved this amazing story by Life in Mum’s Lane last week. Pure escapism, it was brilliant!! I also found this incredible journey to get to Motherhood so emotive by Crossing New Bridges. Lucy chose two posts that tackle the same important issue; this by Siena Says because it raises and addresses some very important points regarding how we sensitively approach body issues in pre teens and this one which approaches the same issue, and also in a really amazing, positive and inspiring way. It also considers how body image issues can blight a woman’s life, and the real negative impact this can have-both fantastic reads about a very sensitive subject.

Congratulations my lovelies! Pop a ‘featured by’ badge on your post if you would like to, by grabbing the code above.

I thought I’d add a tune from when I was travelling that always makes me feel summer ready, so if it’s pouring tomorrow, you can just close your eyes and imagine you’re in the Caribbean. 😀

Right, so without further ado, let’s crack on with the linky.

Pink Pear Bear
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