So you’re going camping with the kids. To a festival. Yay! Don’t be daunted, you’ll have an amazing time. However, do heed the old adage often spouted by someone in an anorak with a map in a waterproof bag.

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail!

It really is true, as easy going and laid back as I may come across, (not to anyone that knows me irl trust me! 😀 ), I do like to be organised and from past experience, not having the necessary equipment can absolutely ruin a trip. Not just make or break but RUIN!! 😀

So I thought I’d write up our camping checklist, (this one is specifically for a festival we’re going to), and you can tell me if there is anything I’ve missed or that would make it a better experience!

I’m going to assume that you already have a tent, tent pegs, (plus spares!), a mallet and the instructions!

Essentials – If you take nothing else, take these!

  • loo roll
  • torch
  • rain coats
  • wellies
  • warm hats (even in summer, trust me!)
  • wet wipes
  • sun cream
  • sunglasses
  • phone charger
  • nappies if needed
  • sleeping bags
  • pillows
  • something to sleep on
  • rucksack – lugging your stuff around without a big bag or trolley isn’t much fun as you usually walk around a lot!
  • waterproof blanket to sit on when watching the bands
  • hand sanitiser, there is usually some in the loos but it runs out fast
  • Big bottles of water to keep at the tent & water bottles to decant it into/fill up at water points. (The water might be treated and taste a bit chemical-ly though)
  • Snack bars/cereal bars/crisps as kids like to snack a lot & it can get really expensive if you’re buying food every time you hear ‘I’m hungry’ 😀


  • layers are best, especially in Britain when you could leave in baking sun and leave in torrential rain!
  • warm jumpers
  • warm socks, cold feet when camping are the worst of the worst


  • dry shampoo – can be a godsend to freshen up as although there are showers on site usually, the queues can be very long
  • flip flops for if you do brave the showers
  • fairy lights, a string of them around the guy ropes adds a magical touch and makes it easier to locate your tent in a busy field, if it’s a really busy festival, a flag on a long pole can also be helpful
  • onesies – not essential but we have a tradition where a festival means a new onesie and they love them

Dinoroars!! Perfect for chilly nights. I want one!!!!

This is not exhaustive, let me know if I’ve forgotten anything vital, I’m always open to new brilliant ideas! Remember that camping is often a fair distance from the car park and so something to put all your stuff in to lug it about is fab. You can get these brilliant folding trolleys with covers over that you can put all your stuff in to transport it from car to campsite and then use it through the festival to carry tired kids, put all your stuff in if it rains and, most importantly, keep all the snacks and beer in! 😉

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