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Brilliant kids’ club in Italy – guest post.

Arte al Sole kids’ club in Italy.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that we love to travel and I often visit my parents in Italy and we absolutely adore it there! Sometimes we go when they aren’t there though, and we love it, but it can be hard to get a break from the kids as we don’t stay in a hotel so no kids’ club. Kristie from Mamma Prada knows all there is to know about family trips to Italy and is guest posting today to tell you about a brilliant initiative that I can’t wait to try next time we go! (Disclosure: Although Kristie was paid to create this content, I haven’t been paid to post it, I just think it’s fab!)

Article about a kids' club in Italy. An image of my children on a railing by Lago Maggiore in Northern Italy overlooking the marina full of boats with the snowcapped mountains in the far distance across the water. A selection of country flags flying high on flag poles against the blue skies.

What to do with adventurous kids, when on holiday in Italy.

Do you love holidays in Italy but also long for a bit of time with your partner? Unless you have family members you can bring along, having a break to refresh and reconnect can be rather impossible.


My family spends a lot of time in Italy, but a kids’ club tends to take place in mainly in 5-star hotels; and once you get there, you find they’re often not running due to lack of promotion and signups by families on holiday. In fact, Italians don’t tend to even utilise a kids’ club. Culturally, Italian families still work a bit like a village where everyone does their bit – at home and away. And if you’re like us, where you don’t have young and spritely ‘nonni’ (grandparents) to lend a helping hand,  well, we end up going on holiday without.

Happy children running excitedly down a grassy, tree-lined slope with a castle behind them.

However, last year I discovered a very passionate lady called Lisa Tucci. She runs an amazing arts, history and culture programme for kids in various locations across Italy.

Arte al Sole

We found out that  ‘Art in the Sun’ is a far cry from the kids’ clubs and soft play experiences you may be used to. Lisa’s aim is to enrich every child’s holiday so they come away knowing something about the place they visited. Children get to explore little- known museums, build their own Colosseum from popsicle sticks! Search out and sketch gargoyles in ruins or family crests in Italy’s cities. Watch artisan craftsman sharing their skills. Learn what those feisty Romans were really like and even cook with a local.

In Venice, they can hunt for winged lions, make masks, build a grand palace or find out how a gondola is made! Parents get to lounge in the beautiful setting while the kids do their art, or relax over a leisurely lunch – while the kids are having fun creating and learning!

In Umbria they practice their football with an Italian coach and explore the countryside while learning about the Etruscans who once lived there.

The children in the kids' club getting busy making delicious looking pizzas as part of the varied activities.


Arte al Sole offers family tours, activities and day camps in Venice, Lucca, Umbria, Rome, Florence and Sicily. Lisa also offers excursions to other nearby towns if you would like to venture a bit further.

Getting hands on in the kids' club in Italy, a sculptor prepares some clay in a fun looking artist studio while the children watch on.


Activities are available all year round! There are lots of day camps in the Summer, single days or all week long. You can book a day or just a short family or kids-only experience throughout the year.



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