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Enchanted Gardens with Wyevale

We had so much fun on Monday, we were invited to go and make Enchanted Gardens and have lunch at our local Wyevale Garden Centre and it was so lovely. I’ve written before about my my massive love of garden centres and we are regular visitors to this one mainly due to the soft play area in the cafe. Oh, and the slabs of cake obvs!


We’d never done an organised event there though, and were all excited. It was all laid out ready for us in an area cordoned off in the cafe. All the materials we’d need were on the table, and we had a lovely man talk us through each stage. It is a very simple concept really, take a big rectangle tray and then fill with compost. Then the kids used the other bits and pieces to make a little house with a moss-y roof, a pebble path and some shell decoration, when they were happy with their creations, they were given some fast growing radish seeds to scatter so their gardens will actually grow. It kept them totally happy and focused for the entire 15 minutes. This is very unusual where a 3 year old boy is concerned!

IMG_1449  IMG_1455 IMG_1462


We’d really recommend the session we did for a fun morning out, there are lots of other sessions running too, all garden themed of course! You can see what is going on in your local centre here. The children also got an activity sheet and crayons, which kept them busy all the way home. I shall keep you updated with pictures as the gardens grow!


The kids loved their lunch too. They have always been fans of the ‘picnic bag’ lunch, I think it’s getting to choose what they want themselves. There were also sandwiches but they had started on them already, all this gardening business makes you hungry! 😀

I really really hope that the sessions will run in future school holidays as it’s such a lovely thing to do with your children, especially nice that they get something to take home with them and watch grow too, and then, even better, to pull up their own radishes!



  1. April 10, 2016 / 11:24 am

    Looks like your kids had lots of fun! We love going to the Gardens ourselves. I used to bring my kids when they were younger. A planned activity would definitely be great for the younger children. What’s there not to love in a picnic lunch though I must ask, where are the pictures of the cakes?

    • April 11, 2016 / 11:51 am

      There was….NO CAKE!!!! I was being good! (Boring!)

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