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Start of term versus end of term.

The start of a school term is very very different to the end of term in a variety of ways. Most of us start out on the ball and full of enthusiasm. Then the weeks of remembering books, musical instruments, washing uniform and sports kit and just being there on time can wear us down. Let me outline a few of the differences between start and end.

The start of term versus the end of term. Humour.


Start of term: Clean, fresh, ironed, plentiful.

End of term: Lost, creased, cobbled together from bits of sports kit and random, similar looking items. Occasionally fished out from the washing pile.


Start of term: Healthy, fresh, balanced, in correct boxes, plentiful.

End of term: Marginally healthier then a bag of chocolate bar, all in packages, wrapped in a bit of foil, dug out from the back of the bare cupboard.


Start of term: Bright, fresh, upbeat, on time, organised, unflustered.

End of term: Jaded, exhausted, trailing bits of kit, late, stressed out.


Start of term: Completed on time, neat, un-crumpled, well reserached.

End of term: Late, written in the back of the car on the way to school, barely legible or lost completely.


Start of term: Shiny, un-scuffed, working velcro, well fitted.

End of term, 3 days later: Scuffed to hell, velcro filled with fluff, apparently pinching ‘everywhere’, one lost.

Bank accounts.

Start of term: Depleted from new uniform and school shoes.

End of term: Utterly empty from the emergency uniform purchases, several new pairs of shoes, teacher gifts and the various school fetes, fairs and mufty days.

The children.

Start of term: Relaxed and refreshed after their holiday. Difficult to get back into the routine of being out of the house in proper clothing at the correct time but soon gets back into the swing of things. Excited about seeing friends. Well washed and presented.

End of term: Totally exhausted and jaded. Impossible to peel out of bed in the morning. Takes 45 minutes to eat one small bowl of cereal. Can’t operate the velcro on their shoe. Forgotten everything they need to wear, on which day. Whingy.

If you are barely crawling to the end of the school term, you are in good company and certainly not alone in your slightly panicked state. Nearly there peoples!

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