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Is Christmas the best time to sell a house?

Is Christmas the best time to sell a house? We really hope so! It has just gone on the market and we have had lots of viewings already which is brilliant. While I could focus on the negatives (oh my freaking gawd there are strangers in my house and it has to be show home perfect at all times!) I have decided to look at the positives and have come up with 6 reasons Christmas is the best time to sell a house. Some slightly tongue in cheek!

Is Christmas the best time to sell a house? My festive mantlepiece complete with stockings and snowy house scene tapestry.

  1. You will declutter before the new toys come in. We have tackled cupboards that haven’t been touched in years and I can’t tell you how many bin bags have left this house destined for the charity shop! 
  2. Your house will be tidy and those last minute drop ins from friends and neighbours with Christmas cards and presents will no longer send you into a tailspin of panic and you will happily invite them in and even offer them a house tour. Something that would never happen usually. Just make sure you don’t let them open any cupboards though, does Monica’s closet mean anything to you? Well that what every cupboard and drawer in this house is like!
  3. All the serious buyers are out at Christmas. This is what we have been told by the estate agent. Apparently Spring is another popular time to put your house up for sale but there are more ‘browsers’ as it were and people are more likely to make offers before Christmas.
  4. You don’t have to worry about food shopping meaning you don’t have to brave the Christmas crush. With all the viewings going on, you will never be able to be at home and so you will eat out a lot more then usual, meaning less food shopping, less cooking and less washing up. Win!
  5. All those little jobs you’ve lived with for years will finally get done, meaning you end up with the house of your dreams, just in time to hand it over to someone else!
  6. You will also be able to decorate with extra pizzazz and flare with no moans from your other half because it’s ‘for the viewings’. 

So there you have it, aside from the market being apparently better at this time of year, there are many other positives that mean Christmas may well be the best time to sell a house. Not so much a positive for your bank balance with all those meals out and extra Christmas decorations you end up buying but heigh ho!

Wish us luck! 



  1. Fiona jk42
    December 12, 2018 / 1:02 pm

    Good luck with selling your house. My saughter and son-in-law just sold their house a couple of weeks ago. They only had their house on the market for 3 weeks. They got £10,000 more than they originally expected, as the estate agent had suggested a higher asking price for their property, and a bid came in at this higher asking price, which they accepted. A major motivation seems to be that both they and the buyers want to be able to register their children for schools in their new locations. With many towns closing school registration in January or February, there’s a real incentive to make quick decisions this time of year.

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