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Kozi Kidz Review – Waterproofs Tried and Tested

Kozi Kidz Review.

Just before Christmas we were sent some outdoor wear from Swedish brand Kozi Kidz for the children to test out, and boy have we put them through their paces already!! See the video evidence for yourself!

When my two were small, they had the all in one suits, but as they got older, I tended to just buy them waterproof jackets. I ended up having to change my darling son several times a day though, somehow, he only has to step outside for 5 minutes and is somehow soaking wet or muddy or both! So far these have been fantastic in that respect, he puts them on over his clothes and arrives at preschool warm and dry, despite ‘accidentally’ jumping in a puddle or two! The bright colours mean I can spot him from a distance in the crowded playground too, always a bonus! We have had so many comments on the lovely bright orange of his coat.

Kozi Kidz Review

We found some good graffiti at the skate park!

We were sent two waterproof coats made of PU and two waterproof trousers with braces, one made of PU lined with polyester fleece and one which is also windproof made of oxford woven polyester, (no longer in orange though as far as I can tell), and I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are some of the most useful things I’ve ever been sent out. This is my daughter’s coat  and trousers and the coat my son is wearing which is currently in the sale.

Kozi Kidz review

Such a brilliant model for me!

Both trousers come with under foot, adjustable elastic straps that go under then children’s wellies or shoes to hold them down. Something which have gradually been disgarded as the children kept pulling too hard so they came off, (fastened by buttons), but the elasticated ankles mean they stay down well on their own anyway.

The knees of my sons trousers are reinforced, which is great if your children spend as much time on the floor as mine there are also well placed reflective spots on all of the items which are such a good idea when the mornings and afternoons can be so dark.

Kozi Kidz Review

The reflective spots really do glow brightly, even just in sunlight.

As you can see in the video, we have taken our job of writing a Kozi Kidz review very seriously and I am happy to say we give them a huge thumbs up! Everything has required a wash after a very muddy bike ride at the Forest of Dean cycle centre and it was a doddle to both wash and dry with no shrinkage or adverse effects from being in the machine and still totally waterproof, which is the thing that has annoyed me about washing previous waterproof jackets, needing to use a special solution to rewash after. My son’s orange trousers still had some staining from the thick mud but I didn’t use any methods to try and remove the stain beforehand which I think they needed!

My daughter also wears her coat to school every day and is so happy with it. They have recently introduced pockets for the coats, the older styles don’t have them and I have to say I think that is a great idea for gloves, tissues and general ‘treasures’ that otherwise end up in my coat pockets.

The clothing is also very warm, we had a freezing trip to the beach a few weeks ago and having the right clothes meant that the children were happy to play outside for several hours…..while we sat in the van drinking tea! 🙂

Kozi Kidz review

“The view from the van” 😉

We hope you enjoyed our Kozi Kidz Review, you can find out what we think about lots of things by visiting the Reviews section of the blog.

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  1. January 24, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    Ah these looks great, you really have put them through their paces haven’t you?? It’s such a relief to find clothes that keep them warm and dry.

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