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La Belle Assiette. Dinner cooked for you!

La Belle Assiette. Dinner cooked for you, at home, by a professional chef! What could be better? I am not a brilliant cook, I’ve written before about how undomestic I am. I have cook books galore but actually looking at them, planning properly so I have all the ingredients I need and then giving myself enough time on the day to actually put them together is a whole other matter.

Spring rolls cooked by our chef from La Belle Assiette.

So when UK wide company La Belle Assiette got in touch and asked me if I would like to be a accreditor for their new chef in Cheltenham, I absolutely jumped at the chance. And I could invite a couple of friends who I knew would appreciate the luxury of having dinner cooked for them too.

Thai green curry cooked at home by our chef from La Belle Assiette

Our chef for the evening was Stoyan Nihtyanov and he was in good touch with me from the start, as were La Belle Assiette. He sent over a couple of sample menus and worked with us to decide on the perfect evening meal, veggie spring rolls to start, then a Thai green curry, veg for me and chicken for the others and finally a chocolate pot.

When Stoyan arrived, I was so surprised to find that he brought literally everything with him. Pots, pans, plates, knives, cutlery, even napkins! He had prepped a lot before he came but we got to watch him julienne veggies for the spring rolls and watch him roll the most perfect spring roll parcels ready for frying. He even let my friend have a go at rolling her own! Then at the end he cleaned the kitchen as well before leaving it spotless and gleaming.

Beautiful presentation is all part of the service from La Belle Assiette

It was such a novel experience standing back and watching someone cook for us in the kitchen, my husband often cooks for the family but it’s a very different experience having a stranger and professional moving seamlessly around your kitchen while you stand by and drink a glass of wine!

The food was all delicious and the presentation was beautiful. It was so much more then just a meal cooked in your home, it was like a proper restaurant meal but in the comfort of your own home, perfect for entertaining, in fact, I might just book them for next time we have guests staying that I want to impress, with prices starting from £39 a person for a 3 course meal (with some menus including canapés as well!), it’s better value then going out! If you’re feeling really fancy, there’s even a Michelin quality option at £89 a person. 

*Disclaimer: Our meal was free for the purpose of this review but I didn’t get paid to write this post.*


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  1. December 6, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    Ahh this is fab! They’ve done breakfast for us before and I’d definitely do it again, in fact I recommended it to a friend today. Lovely to enjoy dinner at home without having to cook it and I like the Michelin star option!

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