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O Christmas Tree, delivered by Christmas Forest.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches. One of my favourite carols and one we always used to sing in Austrian when I was a child. I love real Christmas trees. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved the scent of a fir tree and nothing says Christmas for me like a real tree. All the Christmas films I loved had families picking out their tree and driving home with it strapped to the roof of their car. Usually a Volvo!

A close up of our Christmas Tree from Christmas forest with a few of our decorations on.

Christmas Forest do it differently, you can either go to their London shops and pick out your own, or take advantage of their delivery service and have it brought directly to your doorstep. You select your size, from 3 ft to 12 ft, state whether you need a water holding stand and add your address. Then you can select your delivery or collection date at the checkout. We recently had a Christmas tree delivered to us from them. It was for the purpose of the review and so the tree, stand and delivery were complimentary. This is what we thought.

Our glass decorations shining in the lights on our Christmas Tree from Christmas Forest.

The trees from Christmas Forest are very reasonably priced, £59 for a 6ft Nordmannn fir, (exc delivery and stand) and if you live in London, they can even deliver to the room you want it in and install it! They even support charity, for every tree they sell, Tree Aid, a charity in Africa will plant one. 

The stand that came with our Christmas Tree from Christmas Forest.

There is a selection of different trees to choose from, all non drop and mainly Scottish grown. We had a slight issue with our tree to arriving on the day it was supposed to, with delivery company error cited but Christmas Forest were very helpful and when they realised we would’t be in to receive the tree, and would actually be away for the entire weekend, they promptly arranged for another to be delivered when we were back.

Our 6ft Christmas Tree from Christmas Forest with all the decorations and lights on.

The second tree we received is lush, bushy and full branched and we have had a few needles drop but I think that’s only because I have to lean past it to turn off the lights every night. The stand is excellent with my husband saying it’s the best one we’ve had. Which is high praise indeed as he usually moans a lot about the stands! I have been really impressed with the tree and everyone that has been round has commented on it as it’s such a lovely one. I’d never thought about having a Christmas Tree delivered before but I would definitely do it again! I’ve written humorously before about how Christmas expectation can fall short of reality and a few truths about Christmas but in seriousness, it can be a very hectic time of year and here is one way to take a little of the stress out of all the planning.

**We didn’t pay for the tree, stand or delivery, I wasn’t paid for this review and all thoughts and views belong to me!**



  1. December 11, 2018 / 4:25 pm

    I’ve never had a real tree before. This looks fantastic. One day I will get one. I love the look you have and it’s magical x

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